Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If Israel Attacks It Will Ask U.S. for No-Fly Zones, Will Conyers Impeach Obama Like He Threatened Bush?

Israel would be pretty stupid to attack Iran.  Not only would they have to knock out all the suspected nuclear research facilities in order to achieve their primary goal, they'll have to knock out the entire Iranian Air Force too.  Having learned the lessons of the Gulf Wars, Iran is not being stupid like Saddam and lining up all their planes in a few places in nice, neat rows.  Its air bases are scattered across the desert.  Its pilots are committed and willing to die.

There is no scenario in which Israel can be victorious without pulling in the United States.  The problem, from Israel's standpoint, is one of geography.  Much of its population is concentrated not only in a small area, but in a single city, Tel Aviv.  Israel needs to be right hundreds of times.  Iran only needs to be right a few.  Israel does not have the warplanes to both attack nuclear installations and stop the Iranian Air Force at once.  A squadron of F-14s, now considered second hand in the US but are still devastating state of the art fighters, could level half of Tel Aviv in one mission.

To attack Iran would be really, really dumb.

Iran has tested 2,000 lb. laser guided smart bombs.  Whether you have a nuke or not, your opponent is vulnerable when it's population is all within just 8,000 square miles, about the size of Massachusetts.  It's not as if Iran will lay back and allow themselves to be attacked then say, okay, just let us know when you're done.  Iran also says it has long-range missile systems bought from from former Soviet Croatia.

Which is why Israel will ask the United States to impose no-fly zones.  That will mean aerial combat with Iranian jets over Iraq.  Once we do that, we are officially in the war ourselves.  International law declares that every country has a right to defend itself from immediate attack.  To interfere with that right, when one side has clearly initiated hostilities, is to lose neutrality. 

Congressman and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee John Conyers drew a line in the sand for George Bush: an attack on Iran would mean impeachment.  Bush sorely wanted to attack Iran but was held in check, by a number of factors including possibly Conyers' threat.  Will Conyers be pressed to answer if he will do the same for Obama? 

The House Judiciary Committee is where impeachment begins, once members have passed a resolution from the floor. 

Aside from the question of bloody right and wrong, another American military commitment, which by definition are open-ended, will at last break the back of the once-great nation.  China is already successfully maneuvering to become the next world reserve currency. With real inflation, that is, food and necessaries like rent, already at 20%, we are on the early stages of a hyperinflation since there is no growth to soak it up. 

And hardest for most Americans to wrap their minds around, the elites don't care.  Americans still think they are in the same boat and will do what is necessary to keep the boat we are all in from sinking.  CNN Money reports that the sales of private luxury bunkers in 2011 was up 1,000%.  Money and assets are going offshore, and have been for some time.  The end of American is planned, unless we atop the trigger from being pulled, an Israeli attack on Iran, which will inevitably lead to US involvement, which can only be stopped by a firm, unequivocal promise of impeachment.

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